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Concorde (Darling)

by Kev Darling

With over 20 years of RAF engineering background and over 20 aviation books since 1986 under his belt, Darling knows his way around an aircraft. Since seeing the first production examples being built at Filton he’s kept an eye on this plane and harbored a desire to learn more about it.

Concorde (Beniada)

by Frederic Beniada & Michel Fraile

Spectacularly large photos of a spectacularly high-flying plane at a spectacularly low price! It is a tribute to the plane and the people who built and crewed it, not an all-inclusive nuts and bolts history.

Rising Ground and No Room to Turn, A Biography 

by Vivien Eyers

When you design, build, and fly your own aircraft—especially if they were never certified—you’ll have some stories to tell. While the protagonist really had no inclination to do that he left enough material behind for his sister to give it a whirl.