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Dora Dutch, A Postmodern Novel

by Bill Wolf

Drugs, sex, science fiction. A word painting. You’ll have to be in a particular frame of mind to unravel this unusual book.

Just One Evil Act

by Elizabeth George  

A tale of tale of love, passion, and betrayal. This 18th installment of Inspector Lynley’s tribulations is the first to take place outside England. Fans of the series will devour it, and newcomers will too.

War and Remembrance

by Herman Wouk

You know you’ve seen the book or heard about it. Wouk himself wrote the screenplay for the TV mini series—but reading the book has an altogether different impact. Don’t miss it!

Wayne of Gotham

by Tracy Hickman

A novel about the man behind the mask, the man who has no superpowers but uses his wits and his considerable resources to be, well, a detective.

Bodyguard, and Four Other Short Science Fiction Novels from Galaxy

H.L. Gold (editor)

Founded by an Italian company and aimed at the American market, Galaxy was published from 1950–1980 and its stories focusing on social issues rather than technology made it one of the leading science fiction magazines of its time.


by Carl Sagan

Is there anybody out there? Why should we care? The scientific details made Sagan’s novel utterly plausible, even if every reader may have a  different take on the grey area where science and religion touch.

Atlas Shrugged

by Ayn Rand

This is one of those books one feels one “has” to read to be a card-carrying member of the civilized world—if only it weren’t so intimidatingly long and complex and, well, difficult. Unless you are, as one of the characters in the book, “impervious to thought” this review may change your mind!

The Duplicata, Catch Me If You Can

by David Thornhill Thompson

Follow the trail of a mega-dollar Ferrari in this “mystery, love story, thriller.”

Hunt for the Blower Bentley

by Kevin Gosselin

A novel about an American sleuth tasked with finding a car that has not been heard of for 70 years. It was rare in its day and today would fetch millions of $/£. Time is of the essence and nothing is what it seems.

A Ribbon of Road in the Moonlight

by Michael Pearson

This builds up to the 1957 Targa Florio road race in Sicily. Fast cars, pretty women, a man with a plan. You’ll be entertained—if you don’t think too much.

Street Rod

by Henry Gregor Felsen

Boy builds car, wins trophy, loses car. In print continuously since 1953, this novel just doesn’t seem to lose its appeal.


by Edward Evans 

A crime caper revolving around a vintage Rolls-Royce. More of a hair-puller than a nail-biter . . .