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Switchback, A Spy Thriller

by J.K. Kelly

Motorsports, international intrigue, political thriller—yes, this book is a work of fiction. There’s a lot going on on that cover image, and more in the book.


by Cornelis van den Berg

If you dream about going into car manufacturing, look at these guys. One of them had actually done it for real—TAD Crook aka “Mr. Bristol.” Long retired, he sat for an interview, from which is spun this narrative nonfiction the publisher calls “accurate, but not always factual.

Zany Afternoons

by Bruce McCall

In a former life, McCall was a principal in McCaffery & McCall, the huge New York advertising agency that served Mercedes-Benz USA. On the side, he wrote less serious stories for Car & Driver (remember the Denbeigh Super Chauvinist?), Playboy, and The National Lampoon.

Hot Rod

by Henry Gregor Felsen

Hank Felson didn’t write only car books but this one, part of a rodding series, was his best seller: eight million copies over the years. See why.

Shills Can’t Cash Chips

Erle Stanley Gardner (as A.A. Fair)

A big, fat Buick, a bevy of sultry dames, a plot more twisted than Dick’s hatband and a little chin music. Hard Case Crime, since 2004, has published a slew of detective fiction—classics from the 1940s and 1950s along with new novels with a gritty gumshoe modus operandi. Among them are the Cool and Lam adventures written by A.A. Fair, aka Erle Stanley Gardner. Here’s one to consider.

The Black Echo

by Michael Connelly

To fully enjoy a series of well-done detective novels, it is both entertaining and enlightening to start with the first one and read ‘em all sequentially. Michael Connelly’s Bosch procedurals are well worth the effort.

Journey to the West

by Jim Schild

It’s 1915 and two young guys are driving from New York to California. Naturally, things happen along the way. Or so the author says.

Bugatti taucht auf

by Dea Loher

This very serious German novel is based on two real-life events: [1] a senseless murder in a town near [2] the lake on whose bottom a Bugatti is waiting for someone with enough of a reason to attempt raising it.

Murder in South Bend

by John A. Bridges

Studebaker built America’s first “people’s car.” Not!

But, what if? This novel is by a noted Studebaker historian who not only spun a yarn but is actually designing and building full-scale, running “alternate” Studebakers.

Taking the World by Storm

by Malcolm Cracknell

A rollercoaster ride of a book about what might have happened in an alternative history of the Le Mans 24 Hours in 1997.


by Isabelle Allende

Here we have yet another Crime Novel—but from a reputable, serious author. It is her first one. So how does she fare in this, her first time out as a mystery writer? Read our review and be enlightened.

The Caped Crusade, Batman and the Rise of Nerd Culture

by Glen Weldon

The Batman: Just when you think you have your Bat-Fix under control, another book comes along to let you know just how much more you really need. The Bat-Universe seems endless. This book adds Bat-Nerds into the mix and offers a new perspective on the heart of The Caped Crusader’s obsession.