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Auto-Opium: A Social History of American Automobile Design

by David Gartman

Mass production gives rise to social conflict, social conflict is reflected in the aesthetic qualities of vehicles. All clear? How’s this: working Americans demand beautiful, stylish, and constantly improving cars to compensate them for the deprivations of mass production. Not an easy book, this!

American Automobiles of the Brass Era

by Robert D. Dluhy

Not exactly bedtime reading, this book is brimming with data but for those who want to skip the raw numbers it also offers insightful Big Picture analysis in the form of text and graphs.

Velocity: Heroes of American Auto Racing

by Pete Lyons

Twelve men that made a difference—for twelve months in which YOU will make a difference, right? Be inspired, learn something, look at pretty pictures. Go.

Detroit, An American Autopsy

by Charlie LeDuff

Unless you live under a rock you know this storied US city is suffering. Will your city be next? Not if enough people read this book!

Chrysler: The Life and Times of an American Automotive Genius

by Vincent Curcio

From wiping down locomotives to running an automotive powerhouse, Walter P. in a quintessential American “be all that you can be” story did it all and did it well.

American Automobile Advertising: An Illustrated History 1930–1980

by Heon Stevenson

American’s have a long-standing love/hate relationship with Madison Avenue. One minute complaining there’s way too much of it and he doesn’t pay any attention to it anyway. Then, almost without taking a breath asking Dilbert in the next cubicle if he happened to see the latest Miller spot and how about those cheerleaders outfits!

Damn Few Died in Bed: Memories of a Life in American Automobile Racing

by Andy Dunlop

Before the days of even rudimentary safety features, brave and talented men raced brutally fast open-wheeled automobiles on the exciting dirt tracks of Middle America. Dunlop gives us a new appreciation of the lives of the people that crisscrossed the heartland on two-lane highways to compete in America’s bull rings on weekends.

American Auto Legends: Classics of Style and Design

by Michael Furman, text by Tracy Powell

This latest installment in this Auto Legends series turns its—and your—gaze upon American cars of “distinction.” Without taking anything away from the text, what most distinguishes all the books in this series is the fabulous photography.

The First American Grand Prix: The Savannah Auto Races, 1908–1911

by Tanya A. Bailey

Savannah, Georgia may be a hotbed for many things, but racing?
International participants declared the course America’s greatest and the author is certainly its greatest fan.

The Automobile and American Life

by John Heitmann 

It’s complicated . . . what aspect of life is not affected by the car? It’s a big topic and this little book can get you started.

Corporate Power: American Democracy, and the Automobile Industry

by Stan Luger

The introduction to this book advises that it has grown out of a dissertation the author submitted to the University of New York. It is a scholarly study of the history of the power and influence of the automobile industry on governmental policies and the interactions of government and industry

A Century of Automotive Style, 100 Years of American Car Design

by Michael Lamm & Dave Holls

When first released in 1996 the book garnered raves from everywhere and everyone. The automotive media heaped on still more praise—and now it is released as a searchable DVD.