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Locomotive Portraits

by Jonathan Clay

For the first time in book form one of the UK’s best-known Transport Artists is showing his work, as well as explaining his method, to a wider audience.

Great French Passenger Ships

by William H. Miller

From the grand ships of the storied lines to mail boats bound for Africa this little book offers a good, basic, nicely illustrated introduction to the topic.

New York City Horsepower: An Oral History of Fast Custom Machines

by Michael McCabe

What makes a New York custom bike or car different from those made anywhere else? Or modern ones different from earlier ones? Meet several generations of builders and see their shops and their creations.

The Singer Story: The Cars, Commercial Vehicles, Bicycles & Motorcycles

by Kevin Atkinson

Everyone knows that Bugattis used distinctive flat-spoke aluminum wheels. So did Singer—but 20 years earlier. The curved front forks of a bicycle are a George Singer patent, and still in use today. If you don’t know Singer, you should.

American Automobiles of the Brass Era

by Robert D. Dluhy

Not exactly bedtime reading, this book is brimming with data but for those who want to skip the raw numbers it also offers insightful Big Picture analysis in the form of text and graphs.

Ikarus: Busse für die Welt

by Christian Suhr

If you like busses, you’ll want to know about Ikarus from Hungary and this is about the only book to do the job. From China to Canada, you may have ridden in one and not even known it!

Cruise O Matic: Automobile Advertising of the 1950s

by Yasutoshi Ikuta

Relive an exuberant period in American auto history through ads that are as flamboyant as the cars.

The Curtiss Hydroaeroplane: The U.S. Navy’s First Airplane 1911–1916

by Bob Woodling and Taras Chayka

The story of the first truly successful seaplane is here told against the backdrop of the all-important human factor: how people find each other, work together, and make the sum greater than its parts.

American X & Y Planes: Volume 1: Experimental Aircraft to 1945

by Kev Darling

Many of the aircraft in this book may not be terribly well known but without them the planes that we do know would probably have not come about. In other words, trial by error.

From Schoolboy to Station Commander

by Jock Heron

This autobiographical memoir by a career RAF pilot who also worked with and then for aero engine maker Rolls-Royce sheds light on man facets of active-duty flying, engineering/admin, and procurement.

Hawker Hurricane

by Marek Ryś

A high-level survey of all Marks of the famous British WW II fighter that was the RAF’s first-ever monoplane. Specifically aimed at scale modelers and anyone who wants a quick but solid synopsis.

P-51D Mustang American Aces

by Artur Juszczak

The P-51D was the definitive version of the Mustang P-51D and the primary USAAF fighter in Europe. Tons of kit models exist and if you want to customize them, this is your book.