Leydenfrost, The Baron of Aviation Art

by Hampton and Howard Wayt

The majority of us in this culture have interests which, often as not, include other aspects of transportation. Thus Leydenfrost, The Baron of Aviation Art is a book you should know about as many of you will want a copy for your own library.

Alexander Leydenfrost was a Hungarian artist who emigrated to America in the mid-1920s with three equally talented countrymen, Bela Lugosi, Peter Lorre and Paul Lucas. While his friends went on to Hollywood, Leydenfrost stayed in New York illustrating for books and publications and doing design work with the renowned Norman Bel Geddes. The focus of this book is Leydenfrost’s illustrations for a wartime series in Esquire magazine. As if the illustrations themselves weren’t enough, authors Hampton and Howard Wayt have made this an invaluable work by including the text from Esquire that accompanied each piece and then sorting fact from the wartime “spin” that was published with the artwork.

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Leydenfrost, The Baron of Aviation Art
by Hampton and Howard Wayt
55 pages, 32 color and 62 b/w illustrations
List price: $42.95
Kythe Publishing, 2005
ISBN: 978-0975504307

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