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The History of GM’s Ramjet Fuel Injection

by Kenneth W. Kayser

Ramjet fuel injection has been around since the 1950s—and you can still order it straight out of the current Chevrolet Performance Parts catalog. But the new electronic version has only visual similarities to the old mechanical system—and none of its problems. This book by a long-time GM engineer has the whole story.

Lost Road Courses

by Martin Rudow

It may have been hyped as “The Nürburgring of the Midwest” but can you even recall what state War Bonnet was in? The tracks may be long forgotten but the names and ideas they spawned—men, machines, technologies—live on.

N.A.R.T.: A Concise History of the North American Racing Team 1957 to 1983

by Terry O’Neil

While usually mentioned in connection with Ferrari, NART campaigned other marques as well, all the way up to F1. What do they have to show for four decades of toil and trouble?

Avanti: Studebaker and Beyond

by John Hull

The marketing blurb for this photo-history book is “spot on” for anyone who is already knowledgeable regarding the marque. On its 94 pages are 120 large, sharp images that permit all the details of the scenes from the decades of Avanti history to be seen clearly. Avanti enthusiasts will enjoy perusing the pages and then studying them again more closely.

The Bahamas Speed Weeks

by Terry O’Neil

At six years in the making, this book took almost half as long to compile as the event itself lasted—13 years, starting in 1954. It is the first and to date only book to chronicle an event whose importance on the motorsports calendar is difficult to peg.