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Factory Air: Cool Cars in Cooler Comfort, An Illustrated History of Automotive Air-Conditioning

by Allen B. Simons

Would you spend $5K in today’s money on AC in your car? That’s what it cost back in the pre-WWII days, which is what this first of four volumes examines. Hundreds of illustrations, many rare, show Packard, Cadillac, and Chrysler offerings.

Tony Southgate, From Drawing Board to Chequered Flag

by Tony Southgate

For someone who first started to be interested in motor racing in 1982, Southgate was consistently present in the background of the races I watched.

Monocoques and Ground Effects

World Championship Sports Car Racing in Photographs, 1982–1992

by János Wimpffen

The WSC was a worldwide racing series for sports cars administered by the FIA from 1953 to 1992. The era covered in this book would be the last for the WSC, even if it did start out as a veritable renaissance for the series.