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The Life and Times of Henry Edmunds

by Paul Tritton

An important biography from the early history of Rolls-Royce of an inventor, visionary, and an automobilist of the first hour.

50 Years with Rolls-Royce, My Reminiscences

by Donald Eyre

The author worked under, and with, one of the legendary founders of a legendary company, and he worked on any number of high-caliber design and engineering projects.

Charles Rolls of Rolls-Royce

by Bruce Lawson

If the Honourable C.S. Rolls is remembered today by the general public at all, it is for the very thing he did the least—and had the least lasting interest in: automobiles. This book sheds more light on him, but shadows remain.

Cooke Street, A Pilgrim’s Guide

by David G. Dudley

For dyed-in-the-wool Rolls-Royce folks this little booklet offers a welcome, and first and only look at the archaeology of a long-lost Rolls-Royce building that had been demolished in 1965.

Survivor: The Story Of a Unique 1929 Rolls-Royce 20/25 Thrupp & Maberly Phaeton Tourer

by Charles Vyse

This Workshop Guide intends to help the average owner gain a deeper understanding of their car and properly maintain it. It is also a social history of the car’s and its owners’ lives.

Rippon Bros.—A Coachbuilder of Renown

by Jonathan Wood

Renowned for the quality of its coachwork and closely allied with Rolls-Royce for most of its corporate life, Rippon lasted a hundred years and bodied a number of fine British and Continental chassis.

Fine Bodies, Coachbuilt in Britain

by Rod Ward 

A tiny book about a big subject. Easy to slip into the coat pocket on the way to the next concours but good for not much else.

The History of Windovers 1600–1955

by Jane Windover 

From making saddles to bodying Rolls-Royces, Windovers has a 350-year-long history of coachbuilding. A descendant of the family tells their story.

Queen of Speed: The Racy Life of Mary Petre Bruce

by Nancy R. Wilson

First to fly from England to Japan, first to cross the Yellow Sea, first woman to circumnavigate the world alone; first, first, first, record, record, record, on sea/air/land. What this lady accomplished in her 95 years on this Earth defies absolutely anything.

Opportune Excursion

by Peter Brown

More than just the history of one particular car, this book also looks at the bigger picture of who the parts suppliers were and how Rolls-Royce built a car in general.

Rolls-Royce and Bentley: the Crewe Years

by Martin Bennett

When this book first appeared in 1995 it quickly established itself as the primary source on all the Crewe cars from 1946 onwards. This 3rd edition adds 120 pages and takes us to 1998.

Rolls-Royce 20 HP, 20/25, 25/30 & Wraith in Detail, 1922–1939

Rolls-Royce 20 HP, 20/25, 25/30 & Wraith in Detail, 1922–1939

by Nick Walker

All of these models were market successes for Rolls-Royce in the years between WWI and II. Launched in 1922, they at first added to the 40/50 hp (a/k/a Silver Ghost) range they followed, and then gradually outstripped it in sales.