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Wonder City of the World: New York City Travel Posters

by Nicholas D. Lowry et al

A superb book that tells the story of a premier city and of “American-ness” in the form of posters that catered to, first, immigrants and then tourists.

Batman Black and White

by Gianni, Goodwin, Gaiman, McKeever, Miller et al

Not for fanfolk only! Every book lover with an especial interest in pen-and-ink, black-and-white, the art of drawing, should consider tracking this one down.

Yoko Ono, One Woman Show, 1960–1971

For many, Yoko Ono is merely John Lennon’s widow. But before she even knew about The Beatles, she was an artist in her own right. For decades, her standing in the art world has been on the fringe—until now: MoMA gave her her own show.

Danish Painting, From the Golden Age to the Modern Breakthrough

by Berman, Mednick

Lundbye, Ancher, Hammershol are not household names but these artists are well known in their home country and deserve wider recognition. This book accompanied a NY show and while it doesn’t fully capture these wonderful paintings, it introduces to the general public a whole other world.

Stars and Cars of the ‘50s

by Edward Quinn

For most, the 1950s were a time of austerity. Celebrities were blissfully unaware of it and car makers were happy to indulge them. Quinn captures them in candid shots.

Spanish Drawings in The Courtauld Gallery: Complete Catalogue

by Zahira Véliz Bomford

Works of art on paper are sensitive to light and therefore cannot be on permanent public display. The Courtauld Gallery has one of the most important collections of Spanish drawings in Britain and this catalog accompanied one of their periodic exhibits.

India: In My Eyes

by Barbara Macklowe

Been there/done that? Even if you have, you probably haven’t seen what—or how—Barbara Macklowe sees.

Canadian Art: The Thomson Collection at the Art Gallery of Ontario

by Jeremy Adamson et al

This collection of 2000 immensely varied works represents the largest gift ever made to a Canadian cultural institution. This one book of five discusses signature works by Canadian artists.

All About Bond

by Terry O’Neill

Many unpublished photos by an important photographer offer a candid look at a cultural touchstone that is now half a century old!

Lichtenstein, A Retrospective

by James Rondeau and Sheena Wagstaff

Over 130 paintings and sculptures as well as over 30 rarely seen drawings and collages illustrate all periods of the artist’s career and offer a fresh look and new insights.

Figureheads of the Royal Navy

by David M. Pulvertaft

The open sea is a massive force and notoriously superstitious sailors sought to appease it by mounting an offering on the stems of their ships. Thus was born what would evolve into the nautical figurehead, here examined on 350 years of British warships.

Claude and Francois-Xavier Lalanne: Art. Work. Life.

by Paul Kasmin

Have your own “Alice in Wonderland” moment with this intimate look at the artists’ home and studio that are brimming with nature-inspired sculptural pieces that look familiar but really aren’t.