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The Red Car

by Don Stanford

The red car is a wrecked 1948 MG TC roadster that Stanford’s main character, sixteen year-old Happy “Hap” Adams, is seeing for the first time and wants to bring back to life.

Time and Two Seats

by János Wimpffen

This 2,300 page opus is the definitive history of more than fifty years of Long Distance Racing. Organized in two volumes, the work is an era-by-era, year-by-year, race-by-race narrative of sports car and grand touring races between 1953 and 1998.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class Owner’s Bible 1986–1995

by Stu Ritter

The early 1980s were a tough time for automakers. It was into this largely dismal automotive landscape that Mercedes-Benz introduced the 300E to the US market in 1986.

The Crooked Mile

by Kevin Clemens

Have you ever worried that one day the fossil-fuel spigot will run dry? Or that motor fuel will become so expensive that you will need to drastically change your lifestyle in order to provide life’s basic necessities for yourself and your family?

The Longest Ride: My 10-Year 500,000 Mile Motorcycle Journey

by Emilio Scotto

Scotto must be the bravest man on the planet. In 1985, with no credit cards and just $306 in cash in his pocket, the Argentine adventurer climbed aboard his 1980 Honda Goldwing and set out on a 10-year journey to discover the world.

Bucyrus Heavy Equipment: Construction and Mining Machines 1880–2008

by Keith Haddock

Haddock, who 20 years ago co-founded the Historical Construction Equipment Association has written the definitive history of Bucyrus, an American company synonymous with moving earth.

Jupiter’s Travels: Four Years Around the World on a Triumph

by Ted Simon

It takes a special kind of wanderlust to travel overland around the world. Even more so if it is 1973 and you’re traveling on a Triumph Tiger 100 motorcycle.

Paul Frère, My Life Full of Cars: Behind the Wheel with the World’s Top Motoring Journalist

by Paul Frère

He drove in eleven F1 GPs. Teamed with fellow Belgian Olivier Gendebien, he won the 24 Hours of Le Mans in a Ferrari in 1960. He had an influence on three generations of automotive writers and here you can read why and how.

Wheels of Dreams: Vintage Cars and the People Who Love Them

by Tom Strongman

Strongman is a semi-retired newspaperman and his ability to get the story proves the value of such training. Beyond his words however, are the images of his color photography, which is beautifully and artfully displayed throughout the book’s 123 pages.

Galveston’s The Elissa, The Tall Ship of Texas

by Kurt D Voss

Today the Elissa is recognized as “one of the finest maritime preservation projects in the world.” This slim book capably recounts her colorful story.

We Were the Ramchargers: Inside Drag Racing’s Legendary Team

by Dave Rockwell

The Ramchargers were a group of like-minded young engineers who formed an after-hours racing team to transform Chrysler’s stodgy image and make it into a performance brand, in the process becoming one of the most successful drag-racing teams.

Che’s Chevrolet, Fidel’s Oldsmobile: On the Road in Cuba

by Richard Schweid

A popular urban myth says that Cuba is filled with pristine examples of American cars from the 1950s and, that when Fidel Castro finally dies, a wave of these befinned wonders will roll up on our shores. Schweid traveled throughout the island nation researching its automotive history.