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Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione – Spider

by Ivan Scelsa

Built in small numbers and for only a few years you’ve probably never seen an 8C in the flesh. Or even read about it—because this is the first book-length tour of the car and how it fits into the Alfa Romeo portfolio.

Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ

by Martin Übelher & Patrick Dasse

Lightweight but sturdy, streamlined aero, powerful engine, innovative chassis. A winner on paper and on the track. These five books cover every single car built and feature heaps of never before published material.

Il Mio Drake

by Lycia Mezzacappa

The Barber of Maranello tells all! Well, no, but the book does reveal an unknown side of the notoriously private Enzo Ferrari, not least because they saw each other six mornings a week.

Ferrari: Gli anni d’oro/The Golden Years

by Leonardo Acerbi

Not your same old/same old cheerleading exercise on the occasion of an anniversary. Besides . . . Franco Villani’s period photos that have not been seen in print before. A very impressive book!

Ferrari F40

by Gaetano Derosa

At a cost five times higher than its predecessor and offered only to VIP customers, the Ferrari Forty would seem to have limited appeal. Instead, bidding wars ensued and the order book swelled. This book draws on a lot of Ferrari publicity material to explain why the car is so special.

Rallye Automobile Monte Carlo, Porsche 1952–1982

by Patrick Dasse & Maurice Louche

More photo album than rally analysis, these books will suck you in! Cars, people, interesting locations—and buckets o’ snow. Obviously all seen through Porsche-colored glasses.

The Racers: The Personal Scrapbook of Al Satterwhite

by Al Satterwhite

A scrapbook is not a museum show or a historical treatise so calibrate your expectations accordingly. Neither the era nor the photographer need any explanation/justification: expect to discover cool things.

My Porsche Book: Die 356-Ikonen / The Iconic 356s

by René Staud

It’s the photographer as much as the car that is the attraction here, not least because Staud’s career path, philosophy on art/commerce, and his studio and team are covered.

Porsche Unseen: Design Studies

by Jan Karl Baedeker & Stefan Bogner

You’d have to be quite the Porsche geek to have known, let alone seen, any of the cars shown here. There are many more where these came from and one can only speculate why Porsche allowed these 15 to be made public.

Herbert Müller – “…alles zu langsam!”

by Födisch and Roßbach

If you followed racing in the hairy 1960–80 era you could not have failed to notice this Swiss driver. This biography is deep in the best sense. The reason it was written is to commemorate the saddest of occasions.


by Paolo Tumminelli (editor)

Having been closely associated for half a century, Alpina and BMW are almost synonymous. This book is a lighthearted but entirely substantive look at what really puts the “ultimate” into The Ultimate Driving Machine.

Abarth: Racing Cars – Collection 1949–1974

by Franz Steinbacher

This is a look at a highly curated Swiss collection of mostly racing Abarths, and in telling their story the book also gives a good idea of what made the cars and the company so special.