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Formula 1 Portraits: Gli anni sessanta/The Sixties

by Gianni Cancellierii

Drumroll: photos that have never before been published! And really good photos they are too. What can be said about the 1960s that hasn’t been said before? This author weaves candid shots into his overall exposition of a wild time in racing.

Formula 1 2020/2022 – La tecnica/Technical Insights

by Paolo Filisetti

Chicken/egg: some people say it’s the team’s technical director who ought to be on the podium, not the driver. After all, and certainly in the modern era, even the best driver cannot win with poor tech. This book looks at three seasons of challenges/solutions.

Baillon Collection

by Rémi Dargegen

Looked at one car at a time, the Baillon Collection is interesting enough but it is the unique circumstances of it being found and brought to market that will forever make it the “find of the century.”

Alfa Romeo Prototipi 1948–1962

by Patrick Dasse

You’d think that in war-ravaged Italy those lucky guys who had gainful employment would keep their noses clean and beaver away at their assigned tasks and stretch their limited resources. But working too close to racing oil does funny things to people. Photos you haven’t seen of cars you may not have heard of is what’s in these two books.

Lamborghini, l’alchimie du style et de la performance

by Gautam Sen

Learn French—and save $200! Well, kinda. This is an abridged French version of the magisterial Dalton Watson opus in English. Covers almost all the same things but in less detail and fewer images. Still, a solid book!

Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione – Spider

by Ivan Scelsa

Built in small numbers and for only a few years you’ve probably never seen an 8C in the flesh. Or even read about it—because this is the first book-length tour of the car and how it fits into the Alfa Romeo portfolio.

Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ

by Martin Übelher & Patrick Dasse

Lightweight but sturdy, streamlined aero, powerful engine, innovative chassis. A winner on paper and on the track. These five books cover every single car built and feature heaps of never before published material.

Il Mio Drake

by Lycia Mezzacappa

The Barber of Maranello tells all! Well, no, but the book does reveal an unknown side of the notoriously private Enzo Ferrari, not least because they saw each other six mornings a week.

Ferrari: Gli anni d’oro/The Golden Years

by Leonardo Acerbi

Not your same old/same old cheerleading exercise on the occasion of an anniversary. Besides . . . Franco Villani’s period photos that have not been seen in print before. A very impressive book!

Ferrari F40

by Gaetano Derosa

At a cost five times higher than its predecessor and offered only to VIP customers, the Ferrari Forty would seem to have limited appeal. Instead, bidding wars ensued and the order book swelled. This book draws on a lot of Ferrari publicity material to explain why the car is so special.

Rallye Automobile Monte Carlo, Porsche 1952–1982

by Patrick Dasse & Maurice Louche

More photo album than rally analysis, these books will suck you in! Cars, people, interesting locations—and buckets o’ snow. Obviously all seen through Porsche-colored glasses.

The Racers: The Personal Scrapbook of Al Satterwhite

by Al Satterwhite

A scrapbook is not a museum show or a historical treatise so calibrate your expectations accordingly. Neither the era nor the photographer need any explanation/justification: expect to discover cool things.