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Porsche 917, Archive and Works Catalogue 1968–1975

by Walter Näher

Many are the books that tell the story of the all-conquering 917 but this is the one that shows the source material everyone else is working from—it’s like an All Access Pass to the Porsche Archives!

Porsche 917: The Undercover Story

by Gordon Wingrove

There is no shortage of interesting books about this iconic racecar. What makes this one stand out is that it is written by a former race mechanic who knows every nut and bolt on the car.

Porsche 917: The Heroes, the Victories, the Myth

by Födisch, Neßhöver, Roßbach, Schwarz

What distinguishes this large-format book from the many others on this model is its approach. While the car and its history are described in all pertinent detail, it is first and foremost an appraisal, or, better, anappreciation of the car, written by the very people who knew it best.

Porsche 917: The Complete Photographic History

by Glen Smale

“I could have been a contender!” Words to that effect were surely muttered in Porsche’s boardroom in 1968 when their cars, successful as they were in other types of motorsports, simply didn’t have the legs to be competitive in endurance racing.

Norbert Singer – My Racing Life with Porsche 1970–2004

by Norbert Singer & Wilfried Müller

He almost became a rocket scientist. He almost went to Opel instead of Porsche. His very first assignment helped win Le Mans at a crucial time. No looking back now—his entire career was spent at Porsche, which would go on to win 16 overall race victories with cars in which he played a key role.

Porsche 75th Anniversary: Expect the Unexpected

by Randy B. Leffingwell

The title says it all: Porsche has achieved a significant anniversary. A perfect reason to write a retrospective and conclude it with a little educated future predicting.

Porsche at Le Mans: 70 Years

by Glen Smale

Porsches have won Le Mans outright more times than any other marque, and for a very long, long time. This author has written about Porsche for a very long, long time so follow his lead with confidence.

Porsche Milestones

by Wilfried Müller

These days, Porsche claims to have the highest profit per unit sold of any car company in the world. That won’t make buyers feel good but this book shows what Porsche does with all that loot—develop more stuff that stretches the envelope.

Gulf 917

by Ray Gillottti

The 917 story told from a specific angle, that of the John Wyer team whose tech chief really made the car fly. You may have stacks of 917 books already but you’ll not want to miss this one.

Turbo 3.0, Porsche’s First Turbocharged Supercar

by Ryan Snodgrass

A truly important technological success, and not only for Porsche. Turbocharging is the way many hypercars go these days and this glorious book lays it all out.

Porsche – The Racing 914s

by Roy Smith

Unless you are a racer, you may have never given the boxy 914 a second look. The victim of development shortcuts and marketing tussles, the car that is now beginning to be called “great” was born under a cloud.

Porsche Carrera

by Rolf Sprenger, Steve Heinrichs

Small motor—big results. The 4-cam made Porsche successful and even when it was phased out a key technology carried over into larger applications. This superlative book has it all, plus the first-ever attempt to list every racing car motivated by it.