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Jock Lewes, Co-Founder of the SAS

by John Lewes

This early admirer of Hitler became so disillusioned with the Nazi regime’s methods that he volunteered for an elite British outfit specializing in counter-espionage, the Special Air Service and became its principal training officer.

Morgan Three Wheeler: Back to the Future

by Peter Dron

Looks vintage but is entirely modern. Costs $50K and has minimal creature comforts. Oh, it’s “missing” a wheel. No roof either. Over 1500 sold since 2011. See what you’re missing.

British Armoured Car Operations In World War One

by Bryan Perrett

WW I was the first conflict to see widespread use of mechanization, a threshold hybrid stage where horse, camel, and mule fought alongside car, tank, and airplane. All except the latter are discussed here.

Railways and Industry in the Western Valley: Newport to Aberbeeg

by John Hodge

Why would you care about the South Wales valleys? They were famous for coal mining, iron and steel, and tinplate works—and rail is how things moved around. How big this story is becomes clearer when you consider that this is only the first of four books on the subject.

England’s Historic Churches by Train

by Murray Naylor

If you like trains and ecclesiastic architecture, this book combines them. Thirty-two churches—large and small, famous and obscure, ancient and newer—and how to reach them are presented here.

Fortress Island Malta

by Peter Jacobs 

Tiny Malta was of great strategic importance which made it a prime target for relentless attacks from the axis forces. This book tells of the gallantry of the Royal Air Force and Navy in defending and supplying the island.

Bill Lancaster: The Final Verdict

by Ralph Barker

Romance. Record-flying. Murder. Acquittal. Fatal plane crash in the desert: accident? suicide? What, you’re still on the fence whether you want to read this book??

Tatra: The Legacy of Hans Ledwinka (2nd ed)

by Ivan Margolius & John G. Henry

Ledwinka is probably one of the greatest engineers nobody has ever heard of. In the interwar years he introduced and refined many innovations. This is the only book in English covering this extraordinary engineer.

And the Revs Keep On Rising: Great Drives in Fast Cars

by Mel Nichols

For those who considered themselves true motoring enthusiasts in the UK of the 1970s, CAR Magazine was a must-read. Nichols was its editor during this period and well known for his beautifully written extended motoring pieces. This book brings together a collection of his writing from 1970–2001.