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The Ride: New Custom Motorcycles And Their Builders

by Chris Hunter, Robert Klanten editors

Motorcycles with attitude. From one-off cost-no-object confections to creatively stroked basic Honda S90s this book offers a global look at new philosophies and old skills.

The Chopper, The Real Story

by Paul d’Orléans

There are piles of books about choppers and motorcycle culture; none are like this one. If you recognize the bike on the cover even from this angle—that’s both good and bad . . . the book explains why.

Ducati Monster: 20th Anniversary

by Claudio Porrozzi & Otto Grizzi

This iconic bike is endlessly customizable and comes in beginner and superbike flavors. A 20-year model run and 250,000 copies sold—who’d have thunk that a parts-bin special would make such a dent in the universe!

Tricycles, Quadricycles and Light Cars 1894–1907: A Forgotten History

by Aldo Carrer

Tons of photos—but little else—of the earliest of the early days of mobility. From vehicles to buildings to fashion, you’re “not in Kansas anymore.”

Museo Ducati: Six Decades of Classic Motorcycles of the Offical Ducati Museum

by Chris Jonnum, Photography by Peter Harholdt

About 600,000 people visit this museum every year. This book shows why or will prepare you for your own visit.

Rockin’ Garages

by Tom Cotter and Ken Gross

The music and car culture/s seem particularly and almost inevitably connected which is why this book gives us a look at twenty stars from the popular music world who are also car enthusiasts.

How Your Motorcycle Works

by Peter Henshaw

A basic guide to what does what and why, and how to keep it that way! Includes hybrid and battery-electric machines. It won’t make you a master mechanic but gives an understanding of fundamental principles and processes.

The Adventurous Motorcyclist’s Guide to Alaska

by Lee Klancher

The only guidebook you’ll ever need. Really. Written specifically with the needs of the motorcyclist in mind, this book is useful to any traveler, even the armchair variety.


by P J Wallace

A mini history of the world’s first purpose-built banked motorsport venue and one of Britain’s first airfields.

Terry the Tramp: The Life and Dangerous Times of a One Percenter

by K. Randall Ball

Becoming an outlaw biker is not a choice you make, or is it? Maybe remaining one is. Terry still is a member, after 42 years, having been ousted as president of his club and gone to jail. Why?

Custom Motorcycles

by Miquel Tres with Claudia Matheja

A custom motorcycle is a very visible, and often very expensive, way of telling the world you’re different. In a world full of mass-market, cookie-cutter consumer goods anything custom is certainly worth a closer look.

Shop Class as Soulcraft: An Inquiry into the Value of Work

by Matthew Crawford

“Knowledge worker” vs. “blue collar.” Apples/oranges. Is one “better” than the other? Crawford says yes, but is it?