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British Aviation Posters: Art, Design and Flight

by Scott Anthony and Oliver Green

Illustrated with advertising posters and photos, this book explores the 90-year history of Britain’s national airline from rickety biplane to the Concorde and its place in the world.

The Art of Gordon Crosby

by Peter Garnier

This prolific illustrator was held in wide regard but little had been recorded of his life. When this book was first published in 1978 it was the first attempt at organizing the snippets of fact and sort out the hearsay.

Pontiac Concept & Show Cars

by Don Keefe

Pontiac was once an important test bed for new ideas and this book by an expert’s expert covers almost 70 years of concept cars and traces their influence on production models.


by Luciano Rigolini

A book without words. Audience participation required, otherwise the book will just waste 1.5 inches of shelf space. It’ll still look good, and with this kernel of wisdom you’re already in the thick of things.

David Kimble’s Cutaways: Techniques and the Stories Behind the Art

by David Kimble

If you read about cars, you have seen Kimble’s work. His brilliant cutaways invite/require hours of study and really do show things no one could see this way on their own. Here he explains how he does it.

The Pininfarina Book

by Günther Raupp (editor)

Is there such a thing as quintessential Italian style? Pininfarina, now 85 years in business, says yes. This book is supposed to make the case.

Yoko Ono, One Woman Show, 1960–1971

For many, Yoko Ono is merely John Lennon’s widow. But before she even knew about The Beatles, she was an artist in her own right. For decades, her standing in the art world has been on the fringe—until now: MoMA gave her her own show.


by Bart Lenaerts and Lies De Mol

“Unusual” doesn’t begin to describe this highly subjective look at cars, car people, and car culture. For better or worse, there’s nothing like it but it’s very weirdness earns it a place on your bookshelf.

If you can find a copy . . .

Ever Since I Was a Young Boy, I’ve Been Drawing Sports Cars

by Bart Lenaerts & Lies De Mol

See the world of car design from the inside. Sports cars, being such highly subjective interpretations of the essence of a car or a carmaker, can be highly divisive. Understanding the thought processes of the people that design them will help.

Spada, The Long Story of a Short Tail

by Bart Lenaerts & Lies de Mol

The title sort of gives it away: Ercole Spada’s design career got underway with his interpretation of the truncated tail. Others did it too, he did it differently. At last there’s an entire—and supremely well designed—book about him.

Bespoke Mascots, Automotive Jewelry, Vol. Two

by Nicholas Dawes, Michael Furman

If the type of car you drive doesn’t already say enough about you, add a hood ornament of your own choosing or even design and make a “statement.”

Road Atlas

by Beate Kemfert, Christina Leber

It only sounds simple. Not that everything has to be complicated—but pretty much any human endeavor is, if you take the time to ruminate. If a photo is worth 1000 words, you’ll have to supply the words yourself here.