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Duchamp, A Biography

by Calvin Tomkins

The guy who displayed a urinal at an art gallery opening? The righteous godfather of postmodernism in the visual arts? The quintessential enigmatic artist? Yep, it’s Marcel Duchamp and here’s his story!

The V-8 Album

by Charles Seims et al

A compilation of facts and photographs pertaining to Fords and Mercurys and a tribute to the flathead V-8 engine that powered them for 21 years, 1932–1953.

Barbie™ i can be™ President

by Christy Webster

Hey, nothing escapes our attention . . . not even Barbara Millicent Roberts of Willows, Wisconsin (no kidding) . . . because nothing is as simple as it seems. When she hit the scene in 1959 she was the first adult-bodied doll, now she holds a commercial pilot’s license (again, no kidding). She may not be President yet but now she can add “major movie star” to her resume.

Keep Watching The Skies, American Science Fiction Movies of the Fifties

by Bill Warren

Warren’s book will absolutely answer any question you might have concerning vintage Sci-Fi cinema, along with many, many things you would not even think to ask. That this book is inclusive is the understatement of the past, the present—and the FUTURE!

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars: Making a Legend

by Simon Van Booy & Harvey Briggs

This book is more of an introduction to the company philosophy and a behind-the-scenes look at how they build cars than a thorough history. That the firm now calls itself “House of Rolls-Royce” speaks to the brand’s lifestyle aspirations.

Lovers and Other Strangers: Jack Vettriano

by Anthony Quinn

Perhaps you’ve seen a print of Vettriano’s The Singing Butler in a friend’s home. Perhaps you own a copy yourself. As wonderful as that painting is, it is overshadowed by the artist’s noir paintings. This book is a fine introduction to the work of this controversial, enigmatic Scottish painter.

The Vault of Horror

by Craig, Davis, Feldstein et al.

There are fans, historians, and academics who take comic books quite seriously. EC titles, especially from the early 1950s, have a long-standing, proliferating reputation for excellence among all of these. We take a look at a representative sample of available EC reprints as we toss our hats of commendation and recommendation into the ring.

Silver Cloud II Brochure 

Quiet elegance with an appeal to a classic era. This could be said of the Rolls-Royce and Bentley models of the 1950s and 1960s. It could also describe this brochure for the Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud II and the Phantoms, Bentleys, and Bentley Continentals—1959 to 1962.

A Tale of Two Cities

by Charles Dickens

More than likely you had to read Dickens’ masterpiece in High School or at University. More than likely you have not reread it since. So if you are planning to binge watch, say, the 21st season of Law and Order, why not put that aside for another weekend and, instead, put your nose in a classic novel? If you don’t have a copy in your library, we recommend this Penguin edition.

Paper Money of the United States

by Arthur L. and Ira S. Friedberg

So you are a collector. Invest in a collectable—and you can only hope that you won’t lose money. Plus there will be upkeep. But invest in money and you’ll always at least break even no matter how old and crumpled the note is.

Hot Rod

by Henry Gregor Felsen

Hank Felson didn’t write only car books but this one, part of a rodding series, was his best seller: eight million copies over the years. See why.

Shills Can’t Cash Chips

Erle Stanley Gardner (as A.A. Fair)

A big, fat Buick, a bevy of sultry dames, a plot more twisted than Dick’s hatband and a little chin music. Hard Case Crime, since 2004, has published a slew of detective fiction—classics from the 1940s and 1950s along with new novels with a gritty gumshoe modus operandi. Among them are the Cool and Lam adventures written by A.A. Fair, aka Erle Stanley Gardner. Here’s one to consider.