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by Constance Mayfield Rourke

At her alma mater, Vassar, this author pioneered the scholarly study of American culture. From P.T. Barnum to Davy Crockett to the vast subject of American Humor, her insightful observations haven fallen somewhat off the radar these days after years of being a de rigeur part of anthologies.

Nuvolari: Legendary Champion of International Auto Racing

by Count Giovanni “Johnny” Lurani with Luigi Martinatto

Tens of thousands are said to have attended the funeral of “The Flying Mantuan,” the fastest driver of the day—who had selected the tortoise as his mascot. He was a legend in his lifetime. But why?

Cord 810/812, The Timeless Classic

by Josh B Malks

Malks’ attention to detail and style of writing certainly makes it easy to sing the praises of his book. He is a former president of the A-C-D club and the tech editor of their magazine.

The Cameron Story

by William T Cameron

Author Bill Cameron (no relation to Everett Scott Cameron, protagonist of this book) has taken it upon himself to devote some 15 years of his retirement to research and record for posterity the various iterations of The Cameron Car Company. Not an easy task as this company has gone in and out of business more than any other.


by Franco Fabbri & Cesare Sangiorgi

Ilario, that is, not Lorenzo, the ill-fated Ferrari pilot. Ilario (1911–1992), known as “Lili” to his close friends, was a remarkable man who during the course of some 30 years created the jewel-like Bandini sports racers.

My Life and My Cars

by W.O. Bentley

The autobiography ends with a gathering of the Bentley Drivers Club at Bentley’s home in Shamely Green, in 1959; he then was in retirement and had kept close ties with the BDC. The last paragraph of the book is nearly wistful—that of a man looking back over an exciting and distinguished career. There seems to be a smile on his face.

Avanti (Bonsall)

by Thomas E. Bonsall

Originally published in 1979 and long hailed as the ultimate book on the Avanti, this updated and revised edition is a must for every Avanti enthusiast. The legacy of the Avanti in the pony car era is all but ignored while lesser marques from the Big Three are eulogized for their contribution to the art.

German Aircraft Industry and Production 1933–1945

by Vajda & Dancey

This book is a compilation of statistical data gathered from German archives and previously published material. While the book is certainly not for everyone, it does contain a huge quantity of information. The authors’ conclusions in Chapter 12 on why Germany was destined to lose the air war are alone worth the price of the book.

Rallying to Monte Carlo

by W M (Mike) Couper

Often humorous and exciting, the anecdotes of rally preparation and racing as an independent in 1939 and as a factory-supported driver in Rolls-Royces and Bentleys 1949–1955 still end up rather monotonous—there are only so many icy S-curves, near misses, mechanical problems, hastily eaten meals and cabin repartee that one can bear patiently.

The Marmon Heritage

by George Philip & Stacey Pankiw Hanley

Marmon approached the auto industry methodically by hiring university trained engineers and building thoroughly tested prototypes. They then designed bespoke production facilities to build the end result.

Tatra, The Legacy of Hans Ledwinka

by Ivan Margolius & John G Henry

Who actually designed the original air-cooled volkswagen? Was it Ferdinand Porsche, or was it a Tatra creation appropriated by the Nazis? This book gives you the Tatra side of the story.

The Automobiles of the Maharajas

by Manvendra Singh Barwani and Sharada Dwivedi

The book’s handsome presentation, with its copper-toned, deeply embossed dust jacket that protects the finely-textured fabric over the hardcovers, makes it virtually impossible to resist looking inside. Prepare to be transported far away.